Newfoundland Dog Gift Collection

Newfoundland Dog Gift Collection

For Ladies, Men and Kids who love, breed or show their Newfoundland  Dogs

Showing some bovine love is a black Newfie from Germany shared by Der Hexer.

Now you can show your love with Black Newfie, Chocolate brown Newfie and Landseer Newfie Dog gifts. Gifts come in several styles and stones. Get a complete description on item's page before you order as these gifts are custom made to your specifications when you order.

Newfoundland Dog gifts come in several styles and stones.  

Something for everyone in the Newfie Dog's family. Great to wear at dog shows or at the dog park.

Coordinating Newfoundland Dog jewelry also available:

Newfoundland Dog Pendant Necklaces • Newfoundland Dog Photo Earrings • Newfoundland Dog Photo Dog tags • Newfoundland Dog Brooches and Pins 

Facts about Newfoundland Dogs

His broad chest, lung capacity, webbed feet, and oily double coat serve him well as a long-distance swimmer, and keen sense of responsibility makes him renowned as a lifesaving dog in water, capable of pulling drowning victims to shore.

In his homeland of Newfoundland, he is a working dog, pulling in nets for the fishermen, hauling wood, pulling carts, and other kinds of heavy work.