German Shepherd Pendant Necklaces

German Shepherd Pendant Necklaces

German Shepherd Breed Photo Pendants ~ Necklaces

My special thanks to the dogs and photographers for the white German Shepherd who was photographed by ldar Sagdejev and the traditional German Shepherd named General photographed by Claudette Gallant

For these German Shepherd pendants and necklaces choose from assorted focal gemstone, glass or pendant frame styles plated with either gold, silver and rose gold. Necklace chains are assorted types, colors and lengths. All pendants can be customized with a picture of your own German Shepherd or upon request some pictures on pendants  can be swapped to a different pendant style, send a request. It is highly recommended that you read the description details before you order. These are not taken from a warehouse shelf! They are made just for you when you order, to your exact specifications and are considered custom items. Coordinating German Shepherd jewelry also available:

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Facts about German Shepherd Dogs

German Shepherd Dogs are consistently in the top five AKC breed rankings for most years these records have been kept. Among the most popular breeds in the world, German Shepherds are the result of the vision of Max von Stephanitz, who played a major role in the development of the breed in the late 1890s. His ideal of canine perfection was a no-nonsense worker, smart and strong enough to learn any job and always eager to do it. The traits we love in this dog are:

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