German Shepherd Dog Tags

German Shepherd Dog Tags

German Shepherd Dog Tags Photo Necklace 

Thanks to the photographers and dogs who shared photos.  The White Swiss Shepherd is by Avietar and Iris is a German Shepherd working dog assigned to the 554th Military Police Company,Boeblingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, photo by Martin Greeson.

The traditional G.I. type metal tag is an excellent jewelry selection for guys or gals who love T-shirts and jeans but dog tags can also be used on:

- custom lanyards
- kids jewelry
- zipper pulls
- key rings
- back packs

Each dogtag is standard military size on a 24inch ball (bead) chain necklace.  The picture area is a mini art poster digital art work, covered with a clear cold enamel (resin) coating which gives the finished tag picture a glass covered appearance. Dogtags are waterproof and durable. The tags are not pulled from a shelf but made just for you when you order.

The Snow Quartz gemstone dog tag is dressed up for the Shepherd loving ladies. It's actually not a dog tag but is shaped like one. The stone in this pendant is mounted on an ornate slider bail with steel mesh chain or faux suede rope.

Thank you for sharing these German Shepherd Dog Tags with your social friends.

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