Siamese Cat Dog Tags

Siamese Cat Dog Tags

Casual Photo Necklace for the Siamese Lover on a Dog Tag

The Traditional Blue Point is Lulu taken by Stodad and the handsome Classic Lilac Point is Dylan taken by Sam SaundersThanks to the photographers for sharing. 

This is an excellent jewelry selection for guys or gals who love T-shirts and jeans but dog tags can also be used on:

- custom lanyards
- kids jewelry
- zipper pulls
- key rings
- back packs

Each dogtag is standard military size on a 24inch ball (bead) chain necklace.  The picture area is a mini art poster digital art work, covered with a clear cold enamel (resin) coating which gives the finished tag picture a glass covered appearance. Dogtags are waterproof and durable. The tags are not pulled from a shelf but made just for you when you order.

A real conversation piece for breeders or at the cat shows. Thank you for sharing with your social friends.

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Facts about Siamese Cats 

Did you know that it is actually a heat sensitive gene the causes a Siamese Kitten to color? When born a Siamese kitten is completely white. The colors develop around four weeks later and this is by a gene that is heat sensitive. This shows on the cooler parts of their body.

On some occasions a Siamese can have an albino cat in her litter. It is thought that the Siamese may be a descendant of albino cats.

Siamese are excellent with children since this breed of cat is mostly calm and gentle. Sometimes though when a Siamese is around a child they may act strange in order to get the attention away from the child and back on them self. 

A Siamese is very trainable due their outstanding intelligence. Siamese have been trained to sit, walk on a leash and even use a toilet.