Siamese Cat Brooches

Siamese Cat Brooches

 Gemstone Brooch Pins for Loyal Fans of the Siamese Cat

The two Siamese posing above are a Traditional Seal Point by Lili  and a Classic Seal Point by Jerry Pank from the UKThank you to the photographers who shared.

 These Siamese Cat photo Brooches and kilt pins are made on gemstone focal pieces with crystal and gemstone beads. Each is a one of a kind piece and will be unlike any other you have seen. A real cat collectible for the Siamese cat owner or breeder. All brooches can be customized with a picture of your own Siamese cat or upon request pictures on the brooches can be swapped to a different brooch. Inquire by contacting the designer. Siamese cat pins are made from snow quartz or mountain jade gemstones. These are custom made for you when you order. Coordinating Siamese Cat Jewelry also available:

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Facts about Siamese Cats 

The three main types of Siamese cats are:  

The Traditional Siamese cat is considered the original type of Siamese cats to be exported from Thailand (formerly known as Siam- hence the name). Traditional Siamese cats have round faces and heavy skeletal structure which are characteristics that most people do not associate with Siamese cats at all. Traditional Siamese cats are also known as Apple-Head Siamese cats.