Siamese Cat Jewelry

Siamese Cat Jewelry

Photo Jewelry of Siamese Cats
the Sleek and Sassy feline.

Siamese Photo Pendant Necklaces
Siamese Photo Earrings
Siamese Photo Brooches
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Siamese Photo Gifts

Unique Custom Photo Jewelry -  for those who love and admire the Siamese Cat ! 

The lovable featured Siamese in the photo above are Oslo who stopped to smell the flower (and probably eat them later). Thanks to Michele Dorsey Walfred for allowing the uses of her picture. Being adorable is Phaithai Weeko vom Schloss Charlottenhof (Weeko) whos name is bigger than he is, by Angelika Kirsten and Francesca Pinto

Today's Siamese cat is long and slender with a long head and rather large ears. It has a short and close-lying coat with dark points restricted to the face, ears, tail, legs and feet. Siamese coats are colored in cream, lilac, caramel, cinnamon, fawn, and apricot. They are very vocal with a distinctive sounding voice. They don't crave your attention . . . they demand it! Ranked #4 as smartest breed cat.

 Whether it be chasing a toy or as a lap warmer, the traditional Siamese is an intelligent, people-oriented cat who enjoys human companionship . They are inquisitive and friendly. They are very verbal and talk to their people in an affectionate, conversational way. They like nothing better than to sit in the middle of something you are trying to read or between you and your computer, table or phone. 

 With their calm temperaments, they are well-adapted to life in either a house or an apartment but are in perpetual motion when not curled up in your lap for a snooze.

 If you love these cats you will also love a picture of your favorite fur marking  Seal Point or Blue Point, Traditional or Classic featured on very unusual handcrafted jewelry. Just for you, a custom made photo jewelry piece with the Siamese Cat of your choice.

 The Tiger Cat Jewelry Store features:

pendant01s-siameseblu.jpgSiamese  Pendant Necklaces- Choose from assorted pendant frame styles, plated with either gold or silver or focal stones with built in bail. Necklace chains are assorted types, colors and lengths. Upon request pictures on some pendants can be swapped to a different pendant send a request

Siamese Cat Earrings- Earrings come in several styles, shapes and backing types (pierced and non-pierced). These are custom earrings and you are the designer.

siamese-hdr-brooch.jpgSiamese Cat Custom made Brooches- Brooches are gemstones and crystal bead jewelry, each with a photo of the beautiful Siamese Cat. Each pin is customized as a one of a kind piece, unlike any other you have seen. . . a real cat collectible for the Siamese cat owner or any lover of cat gifts. All brooches can be further customized upon request by swapping the photo from a different brooch.  

Siamese Cat DogTags - Each dogtag is standard military size on a 24inch inch ball (bead) chain necklace. There is a mini art poster on it beneath a resin coating. 

Siamese Unique Custom Gifts - Siamese Cat breed gifts come in several styles and stones. 

The color of the stones vary from snow white to ivory. No two hand cut gemstones are alike and may have veins and specks and vary slightly in size from description.The Siamese cat images are digitally reproduced as transparencies. White areas are see-through to the stone's surface color. Multi glaze process makes the photo a part of the stone.

You become a part of the design process for most photo animal jewelry at the Tiger Cat Jewelry Store. It is recommended that you review the detail description for more information, choices and sizes. By using the menu options to select components each piece is a tiny bit different than the next. Items are never pulled from a shelf. They are made just for you to your exact specifications after you order them. You won't find any jewelry like this elsewhere, I guarantee. These pieces are true cat collectible items for any cat gift lover or collector. 

If you have a favorite cat picture that you would like to feature on a piece of jewelry or turn into a memorial, visit our custom jewelry section to find out how it can be done.