Ragdoll Cat Pendant Necklace

Ragdoll Cat Pendant Necklace

Ragdoll Cat Breed Photo Pendants ~ Necklaces

The model for the pendants is Lily from Baltimore, Maryland and the photo is shared by cartoonist Tori Behr.

 For these Ragdoll Cat pendants and necklaces choose from assorted focal gemstone or pendant frame styles plated with either gold or silver. Necklace chains are assorted types, colors and lengths. All pendants can be customized with a picture of your own Ragdoll Cat or upon request some pictures on pendants  can be swapped to a different pendant style, send a request. It is highly recommended that you read the description details before you order. These are not taken from a warehouse shelf! They are made just for you when you order, to your exact specifications and are considered custom items. Coordinating Ragdoll Cat jewelry also available:

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 Facts about RagDoll Cats

Ragdolls are a large cat that reaches full maturity between the ages of three to four years. The Ragdoll has a soft semi-long coat which does not require as regular a grooming as many other long-haired breeds. Ragdolls were developed in the 1960s by Ann Baker, a breeder in California. She bred Josephine, a loving, gentle, longhaired white Angora carrying Siamese markings, to both a Burmese and Birman male. The Ragdoll became a recognized breed in 1965 and are accepted today in all associations for registration. All Ragdolls must relate back to Josephine.