Ragdoll Cat Gifts

Ragdoll Cat Gifts

For Ladies, Men and Kids who love their Ragdolls

Thanks so much to the Models who are a Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll shared by photographer Calista Z from France and a Blue Point Ragdoll by Vladimir Menkov in Strathcona, Vancouver.

Ragdoll Cat Gifts Cat breed gifts come in several styles and stones. Get a complete description on item's page before you order as these gifts are custom made to your specifications when you order.

Ragdoll cat Key Ring A gold or nickel plated steel, heart shaped key ring is attached to the gemstone to hold your keys. This is a wonderful gift for the loving man or lady. 

Ragdoll Lanyards are a popular way to make a statement on cell phones, backpacks and key chains. These Ragdoll cat lanyards are the perfect way to remember your own favorite cat. 

Ragdoll cat custom Lapel Stick Pin with photo.. You choose your favorite Ragdoll color, Bi-Color or Point Color.

Ragdoll cat custom tie tac or lapel pin with a photo of your favorite color displayed on it.

Ragdoll cat cuff links with white mountain jade domed cabochons.

Something for everyone in the Ragdoll lover's family. Great to wear at cat shows.

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Facts about Ragdoll Cats

• Ragdolls are known to be gentle and affectionate. They are laid back, not aggressive and territorial. Ragdoll cats should not be considered outside cats, as it is not in their nature to hunt or to defend themselves. 

• Personality was actually bred in this cat. By breeding with those most affectionate and most willing to go limp with an easygoing temperament.

• Ragdolls do not reach full maturity until between three and four years of age.

• They are big- boned with an approximate weight of twelve to twenty pounds.