Ragdoll Cat Earrings

Ragdoll Cat Earrings

Gemstone Photo Earrings for Ragdoll Lovers

Kitty Models for this page are a Bi-color Lily from Baltimore by Tori Behr,  the lounging Shakespeare by Eric Semling and a Ragdoll from Gatil Ragbelas cattery in Brazil

Quartz, Mt. Jade, Calcite and Dolomite gemstones are used under Ragdoll Photographs. Earrings come in several styles, shapes and backing types (pierced and non-pierced). 

Shapes include


It is recommended that you review individual earring descriptions and choices BEFORE you buy because these are made from your menu choices when you order, never taken off the shelf. These are custom earrings and you are the designer.

~Coordinating Ragdoll Jewelry to make a set~

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Facts about Ragdolls

Ragdolls were developed in the 1960's by Ann Baker; a breeder in California. She bred Josephine, a loving, gentle, longhaired white Angora carrying Siamese markings, to both a Burmese and Birman male. Ragdoll became a recognized breed in 1965 and are accepted today in all associations for registration.