Ragdoll Cat Brooch

Ragdoll Cat Brooch

 Gemstone Brooch Pins for Ragdoll Cat Lovers

The two Ragdolls posing above are Yago a Blue Bi-Color from Brazil by Simone Johnsson  and Pounce DeLeon, a seal Bi-Color from Angel Girl Cattery. Thank you to the photographers who shared.

 These Ragdoll photo Brooches and kilt pins are made on gemstone focal pieces with crystal and gemstone beads. Each is a one of a kind piece and will be unlike any other you have seen. A real cat collectible for the Ragdoll cat owner or breeder. All brooches can be customized with a picture of your own Ragdoll cat or upon request pictures on the brooches can be swapped to a different brooch. Inquire by contacting the designer. Ragdoll cat pins are made from snow quartz or mountain jade gemstones. These are custom made for you when you order. Coordinating Ragdoll Cat Jewelry also available:

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Ragdoll Facts

Ragdolls were developed in the 1960s by Ann Baker; a breeder in California. She bred Josephine, a loving, gentle, longhaired white Angora carrying Siamese markings, to both a Burmese and Birman male. The Ragdoll became a recognized breed in 1965 and are accepted today in all associations for registration. All Ragdolls are decedents of Josephine.  Ragdoll cats are the perfect indoor pet. Ragdolls cats are affectionate but not demanding. They are smart cats and can be trained quite easily. Ragdolls are not chatty cats and rarely speak. Ragdoll cats get along extremely well with other cats, dogs, and children in the household.