Persian Cat Gifts

Persian Cat Gifts

Persian Breed Gemstone Gifts 

The Peke face Persian modeling above is Anthony from Russia and his photo is shared by Nickolas Titkov of Moscow.

Persian Cat Key Ring A gold or nickel plated steel, heart shaped key ring is attached to the gemstone to hold your keys. This is a wonderful gift for the man or lady who is a Persian fan. 

Persian Cat Lanyards are a popular way to make a statement on cell phones, backpacks and key chains. These Persian cat lanyards are the perfect way to remember your own favorite cat. 

Persian Cat custom Lapel Stick Pin with photo. You choose your favorite Persian color White, Red or Gray.

Persian Cat custom tie tac or lapel pin with a photo of your favorite colored Persian displayed on it.

Persian Cat cuff links with white mountain jade domed cabochons right and left photos.

Something for everyone in the Persian Cat lover family. Great to wear at cat shows.

Facts about Persian Cats 

The ancestory of today's Persians dates back to the 17th century. European explorers brought the cats back along with jewels, silks and spices from faraway Persia. Other longhaired cats came from Turkey and were classed as Angora. Regarded as luxuries, they soon became the feline status symbol of the elite. These cats were called Persian for their country of origin, but hieroglyphic references of this breed as early as 1684 BC add uncertainty to their exact beginnings.