Persian Cat Dog Tags

Persian Cat Dog Tags

Persian Cat Breed Dog Tag Necklaces 

The models above are the gray traditional face Persian by Andrey and the cream Peke face Persian cat, Sine from Norway by Kristin Kokkersvoid.

Dog Tags are an excellent jewelry selection for guys or gals who love T-shirts and jeans but dog tags can also be used as:
- custom lanyards
- kids jewelry
- zipper pulls
- key rings
- back packs

Each dogtag is standard military size on a 24inch or 30 inch ball (bead) chain necklace.  The picture area is a mini art poster digital art work, covered with a clear cold enamel (resin) coating which gives the finished tag picture a glass covered appearance. Dogtags are waterproof and durable. The tags are not pulled from a shelf but made just for you when you order.

A real conversation piece for breeders or at the cat shows. Thank you for sharing with your social friends who love the Persians.

Facts about Persian Cats 

• A Persian's coat is so thick regular grooming is an absolute must. Regular brushing and bathing is required. Any matting that is not attended to may result in uncomfortable skin infections.

• Described as a sweet cat, Persians are not particularly active. Though they do enjoy running and playing, they will spend a fair portion of the day sleeping. This makes them particularly suitable for apartment life, as they do not require much room to exercise. The sweet nature of the Persian also makes it a good choice for families with children, but they do not always like to play as children do. 

• Persians are also very loyal to their families and like to stick close to them, making them less likely to stray.