Persian Cat Brooches

Persian Cat Brooches

Persian Gemstone Photo Brooch Pins

Modeling with the brooches is a pretty gray Persian kitten photo that was taken by Craig Howell from the US.

 These Brooches Pins and Kilt Pins are gemstones and crystal beads, each with a photo of the beautiful Persian Cat. Every pin is customized as a one of a kind piece, unlike any other you have seen. . . a real cat collectible for the Persian cat owner or any lover of cat gifts. Upon request some pictures on brooches may be swapped to a different brooch. Contact the designer with customization questions. Persian Cat pins are made from snow quartz or mountain jade gemstones. These are custom made for you when you order.

Facts about Persian Cats 

Persians adapt well to an indoor environment and are generally quiet, calm and totally laid-back. Their sweet and gentle personalities have made them the number two favorite cat in America. 

They have quiet, melodious voices which are pleasant but communicate with their large expressive eyes. They are also extremely affectionate and loving cats, always responsive to their humans. Persian are playful in their own way and a gentle wonderful, close and enduring companion to their humans.