Persian Cat Jewelry

Persian Cat Jewelry

Persian Breed Custom Photo Jewelry & Gifts! 

The Cat that is as gentle as it is beautiful! 

 The featured Persian Babies photo above is by KittyGreen66 on Flickr. A photo collection of the cutest of the cute is featured on very unusual handcrafted photo jewelry of the Persian Cat. There are so many potential combinations and custom jewelry is what we are all about, so don't be shy about asking for changes, maybe it's a possibility! Swapping a picture to another style piece is no problem. Just for you, a custom made photo jewelry piece with the Persian Cat of your choice.

 Persian Cat Custom Pendants

Choose from assorted pendant frame styles, plated with either gold or silver or focal stones with built in bail. Necklace chains are assorted types, colors and lengths. Upon request pictures on some pendants can be swapped to a different pendant send a request. It is highly recommended that you review the sizes, options and suggestions before you order. These are not taken from a warehouse shelf! They are made just for you when you order, to your exact specifications and are considered custom items.

 Persian Cat Earrings

 Earrings come in several styles, shapes and backing types (pierced and non-pierced). It is recommended that review the backing option chart on each earring page BEFORE you order. Made just for you when you order, never off the shelf. These are custom earrings and you are the designer.

 Persian Cat Custom Made Brooches

 Brooches are gemstones and crystal bead jewelry, each with a photo of the beautiful Persian Cat. Each pin is customized as a one of a kind piece, unlike any other you have seen. . . a real cat collectible for the Persian cat owner or any lover of cat gifts. All brooches can be further customized upon request by swapping the photo from a different brooch. 

 Persian Cat Dog Tags

 Each dogtag is standard military size on a 24inch or 30 inch ball (bead) chain necklace. There is a mini art poster on it beneath a resin coating. It is recommended that you review detail for more information and choices.

 Persian Cat Photo Gifts

 Persian Cat breed gifts come in several styles and stones.  

The color of the stones vary from snow white to ivory. No two hand cut gemstones are alike and may have veins and specks and vary slightly in size from description.The Persian cat images are digitally reproduced as transparencies. White areas are see-through to the stone's surface color. Multi glaze process makes the photo a part of the stone.

 You become a part of the design process for most photo animal jewelry at the Tiger Cat Jewelry Store. By using the menu options to select components each piece is a tiny bit different than the next. Items are never pulled from a shelf. They are made just for you after you order them. You won't find any jewelry like this elsewhere, I guarantee. These pieces are true cat collectible items for any cat gift lover or collector. 

If you have a favorite cat picture that you would like to feature on a piece of jewelry or turn into a memorial, visit our custom jewelry section to find out how it can be done. 

The Persian cat  is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. In 2015 the glamorous Persian was ranked as the 2nd most popular breed in the United States according to the Cat Fanciers' Association. 

The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Europe from Iran (formally known as Persia) around 1620. Recognized by the cat fancy since the late 19th century, they were developed first by the English, and then mainly by American breeders after the Second World War.

There are two types of Persians : Traditional Persian and Peke-face.

The Traditional Persian, or doll-face Persian, are somewhat recent names for what is essentially the original breed of Persian cat, without the development of extreme features. The traditional breed, has a more pronounced muzzle, which is more popular with the general public.

The Peke-Face Persian came from selective breeding in the late 1950s carried out by breeders which allowed the development of a wide variety of coat colors, but has also over time led to the creation  of increasingly flat-faced Persians as the result of a spontaneous mutation in red and red tabby Persians which gave rise to the "peke-faced" Persian, named after the flat-faced Pekingese dog. Favored by fanciers, this head structure can bring with it a number of health problems.