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Maine Coon Cat Brooch Pins

Maine Coon Cat Brooch Pins

 Maine Coon Gemstone Photo Brooches

The beauty posing with the Brooches is from Berlin, Germany, shared by photographer Michael Stephan

 Brooches and Pins are gemstones and crystal beads, each with a photo of the beautiful Maine Coon Cat. Every pin is customized as a one of a kind piece, unlike any other you have seen. . . a real cat collectible for the Maine Coon cat owner or any lover of cat gifts. Upon request some pictures on brooches may be swapped to a different brooch. Contact the designer with customization questions. Maine Coon Cat pins are made from snow quartz or mountain jade gemstones. These are custom made for you when you order.

 Maine coons are gentle giants with large, powerful, muscular bodies and powerful jaws. They are full of love and devotion, sweet and good-natured. Maine coons are completely loyal to their beloved humans. They generally bond with one person or family and are forever devoted to those favored few. The only thing small about Maine coons are their voices. They are noted for their half purr sounds called "trills". Like most cats, Maine coons spend much of their time snoozing, but when in action they are agile and lightning fast.

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