Bengal Cat Brooches

Bengal Cat Brooches

Bengal Gemstone Photo Brooch Pins

The beauty above showing her magnificent Bengal spots is from Kitty Bengals Cattery and was shared by V. Sauvaget from France.

 Brooches and Pins are gemstones and crystal beads, each with a photo of the beautiful Bengal Cat. Every pin is customized as a one of a kind piece, unlike any other you have seen. . . a real cat collectible for the Bengal cat owner or any lover of cat gifts. Upon request some pictures on brooches may be swapped to a different brooch. Contact the designer with customization questions. Bengal Cat pins are made from snow quartz or mountain jade gemstones. These are custom made for you when you order.

Facts about Bengal Cats

Generations of Bengal cats are numbered using F1, F2, F3 and so on, to show how far removed they are from the original cross of an Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat. A Bengal cat that is suitable  as a pet should be one that is at least four generations removed (F4). Anything less would not be suitable for domestic owners and should be left to the experts, who use these for specific breeding purposes.