Abyssinian Earrings

Abyssinian Earrings

An Earring Collection for Abyssinian Cat Fans

The true comedic spirit of the Abyssinian Cat is demonstrated above by Truman the Aby cat (photo by John Morton). John says that Truman sits like this a lot.

Aby Cat Earrings come in several styles, shapes and backing types (pierced and non-pierced). It is recommended that you read the detailed descriptions BEFORE you order. Made just for you when you order, never off the shelf. These are custom earrings and you are the designer. 

Shapes include

• The Aby's coats can come in several colors, ruddy (burnt sienna), sorrel (burnt orange), blue (soft blue and apricot), and fawn (pinkish beige and oatmeal) with even ticking. 

• Abyssinian are described as very independent and intelligent. They are not considered lap cats and hate being confined. The Abyssinian are sociable cats that will get along well with humans and other pets.

• Abyssinians are not 'talkative cats' but have a soft purr when content. This breed does tolerate human handling. Abyssinians are high-energy cats and enjoy running and jumping to high places. They also enjoy playing with water and will entertain themselves with nothing more than a running faucet.