Abyssinian Cat Jewelry

Abyssinian Cat Jewelry

Unusual Custom Photo Jewelry and Gifts featuring the Abyssinian . . .  
The cat that acts like a dog!

 Tiger Cat Jewelry collection includes 

Meet handsome Valentino (photo by Martin Bahmann) our model. The Abyssinian cat is one of the oldest known breeds of domesticated cats and may have been introduced to the West in the mid-1800s. This loyal, intelligent cat resembles the cat statues and drawings in ancient Egyptian art. They have an exotic jungle look about them, they are "people" cats and very inquisitive. 

Abyssinian Cats ranked #7 in popularity according to the Cat Fancier Association. Genuine photographs of the Aby cat are featured on very unusual handcrafted gemstone jewelry. There are so many potential combinations of the Ruddy Abyssinian, the Fawn Abyssinian, and Sorrel Abyssinian cats.  Custom jewelry is what we are all about, so don't be shy about asking for what you'd like, maybe it's a possibility! Swapping a picture to another style piece is no problem. You help create your custom piece of photo jewelry with the Cat of your choice. 

Ruddy, Sorrel and Fawn Abyssinian cat photos on a variety of gemstones and settings. The color of the stones vary from snow white to ivory. No two hand cut gemstones are alike and may have veins and specks and vary slightly in size from description. The Aby cat images are digitally reproduced as transparencies. White areas are see-through to the stone's surface color. Multi glaze process makes the photo a part of the stone.

You become a part of the design process for most photo animal jewelry, wild or domestic at the Tiger Cat Jewelry Store. By using the menu options to select components each piece is a tiny bit different than the next. Items are never pulled from a shelf. They are made just for you after you order them. You won't find any jewelry like this elsewhere, I guarantee. These pieces are true cat collectible items for any cat gift lover or collector. 

If you have a favorite cat picture that you would like to feature on a piece of jewelry let me knowThanks in advance for sharing with your SOCIAL friends.