Cat Jewelry

Cat Jewelry

 Photo Jewelry Gift Collection ~ Including Cat Memorials or Tributes 

These very different Cat photo jewelry pieces and are favorite cat lover's gifts. What makes them unusual is that Gemstones and other materials with actual miniature cat photos undergo a multi-step glazing process to become pendants, brooches, earrings or novelty pieces. Featured are crystals, beads & metals with multi-options for your customization. Read more about the process. Customize any piece you find here with YOUR CAT photo (or any cat picture you own) as a memorial or living tribute. Click here for custom cat jewelry.

TOP 10 favorite breeds according to the Cat Fancier's Association

1. Persian
2. Maine Cone Cat
3. Exotic
4. Ragdoll

5. Sphynx
6. Siamese
7. Abyssinian

8. American Shorthair
9. Cornish Rex
10. Birman