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Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever photo jewelry

Labrador Retrievers - Labs are considered the world's most popular breed of dog. Also the most popular breed used as service and assistance dogs. The Lab's coat can be black, yellow (varying from cream to gold to almost red) and chocolate (medium to dark brown). An excellent family dog, gentle to people and other animals, with a steady temperament, excellent detection and working ability, ideal for search/ rescue, detection and therapy work. 

Golden Retriever Photo courtesty of Kiselev Andrey

Golden Retriever photo jewelry

Golden Retrievers - Calm, affectionate, and well-mannered, intelligent, easy to train, and make great companions. They are lovable, loyal and particularly patient and gentle with children. They are very easy to train and are good at tracking, retrieving, obeying commands and performing tricks. They make wonderful companions and guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for the disabled and assistants with therapy. Their lustrous wavy coats come in beautiful shades of gold and cream. 

German Shepherd photo by Kiselev Andrey

German Shepherd photo jewelry

German Shepherd - also known as the Alsatian. German Shepherds are very adaptable, extremely intelligent and eager to learn and can be trained as guide dogs, avalanche dogs, tracking dogs and police dogs. Most Shepherds are reliable, self-confident, loyal to a fault, protective, brave and even-tempered. Shepherds need a lot of attention, physical and mental activity to keep happy. Acceptable colors are sable, black and tan, bi-color and all-black. 

Beagle courtesty of wiki commons

Beagle photo jewelry

Beagles -A very energetic dog, social, curious, intelligent and brave. They are also likely to get into trouble as their hound dog instinct can take over in an instant and they have a tendency to ignore everything but the interesting scent. A leash or a well fenced in yard is a must, as well as obedience training. Beagles are good with families and children but care should be taken with other pets. They do not like being left alone but adapt quickly to new experiences. Beagles will do well in almost any living environment. 

Newfi photo courtesty of Xposid

Newfoundland photo jewelry

Newfoundland - also called ‘Newfs’ or ‘Newfi’ are large with a coat that is thick, coarse and the American Kennel Club recognizes gray, brown, black, and Landseer (a white and black body). The Newfoundland is a working dog at home on land as well as the water, the capacity of its lungs enabled it to swim great lengths. The Newfoundland has a gentle and sweet temperament. That along with its eagerness to please its owner and devotion.